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Thank you for supporting my small business,

I truly appreciate it.

At Perception Check Co, I make it my goal to help you feel your best both inside and out.

Everything I do and everything I make is tested by myself and my loved ones.

If we love it, I think you will too.

With my wide range of products and services, I hope you'll find it simple to find whatever it is you need



Hi! my name is Anneliese

 I am the sole proprietor of Perception Check Co.
This is the story of how Perception Check Company came to be...

I've always been a do-it-yourself-type human as well as a "Jill of all trades"
so to offer goods and services was something that was a given if I was to ever have a business.

At the beginning of 2017, I suffered a brain injury.

After that, a lot changed and I 'dove headfirst into the world of Yoga.

I became certified as a Yoga teacher in 2019 & I then had the clarity and inspiration to start helping people through the goods and services I could provide.

At the same time that I was cultivating this vision, my brother & my best friend, unexpectedly passed.

I am now, as he was always, an avid Dungeons & Dragons player so naming my business 'Perception Check' felt authentic to my nature as a gamer, his sister, an astrologer, & a Yogi

Whether you are in a world of fantasy playing another version of yourself or being aware & conscious in this reality,

More humans that are checking their perceptions more often, adds value to us all.

Me, smiling with hands on heart center